Members of the AILA South Florida Board of Directors devote countless hours to advancing the AILA chapter’s goals and setting the strategic direction of the organization.  They are responsible for a variety of duties including developing and executing ongoing membership events, coordinating continuing legal education courses that draw hundreds to the region annually and representing AILA South Florida at national AILA events in Washington and beyond.
2017-2018 AILA South Florida Chapter Officers and Board of Directors


Sui Chung – President
(305) 444-4027

Michael Vastine – President-Elect
(305) 623-2340

Christine Alden – First Vice President
(305) 358-1500

Maggie Arias – Second Vice President
(305) 934-9024

Jeffrey Bernstein – Treasurer
(305) 371-4555

Claudia Del Castillo – Secretary
(305) 720-2937
Ada Pozo
Elina Santana
Gabriela Pinto
Jacqueline Villalba
Karla Lammers
Laura Kelley
Michael Harris
Raquel Trujillo
Rebeca Sanchez-Roig