Advocating for Immigration Reform

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Members of AILA South Florida are headed to Washington, D.C. this week to help educate our lawmakers about the dire need for a new immigration policy. Tomorrow, April 10, our chapter members will join forces with AILA representatives from across the country in calling upon Members of Congress to enact comprehensive reform that recognizes the hardships and positive contributions of U.S. immigrants.

We hope that you’ll be joining us in Washington. But even if you can’t attend, there are many important ways that you can help advocate for much-needed immigration reform.

– Write your local and national representatives to share your clients’ inspiring stories and stress the importance of a change in policy.

– Reach out to local community thought leaders about the need for immigration reform in South Florida.

– Share information about immigration and immigration reform on your social media pages and with your personal and business contacts. (Utilize AILA South Florida’s social media pages, which post the latest immigration news and insights daily.)

For your convenience, AILA National has also compiled a list of valuable resources you can reference and share in your outreach available here.

With your help, we can make comprehensive immigration reform a reality.

  1. Date: April 12, 2014
    Author: Maggie Arias

    NDA was really fantastic this year! As my first year attending, I saw first-hand the efforts that go into lobbying for Immigration Reform and changes in immigration laws that would directly impact ongoing and current litigation, petitions, and applications for immigration benefits. There were 2 groups that led the efforts this year for a total of 10 delegates sent from our AILA Chapter. There were at least 16 meetings with Congressmen and Congresswomen as well as meetings with Congress's EB-5 Committee, the White House Policy Council (and counsel) and the White House Initiative on Asian Americans. By far, our AILA South Florida Informational Packet on proposed Immigration Reform was the best format presentation of our "wish list" for changes in the law! The biggest take-away message from NDA was that to manifest change, one has to be a force for change!!! It's not just enough to talk at dinner tables and Boards and roundtables and panels. It's imperative that communication via fax, email, and visits with the House and Senate are part of the ongoing efforts. I was proud to be representing such a great organization and hope to continue doing so in the future! -- Maggie Arias