President Obama Pushes Immigration Reform in SOTU

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A key issue that President Obama spoke about in last night’s State of the Union address was immigration reform.

Barack Obama

Photo: Forbes

“If we are serious about economic growth, it is time to heed the call of business leaders, labor leaders, faith leaders, and law enforcement – and fix our broken immigration system,” said President Obama. “Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have acted. I know that members of both parties in the House want to do the same.”

The President continued: “Pre Independent economists say immigration reform will grow our economy and shrink our deficits by almost $1 trillion in the next two decades. And for good reason: when people come here to fulfill their dreams – to study, invent, and contribute to our culture – they make our country a more attractive place for businesses to locate and create jobs for everyone. So let’s get immigration reform done this year.”

AILA South Florida will be keeping a close watch on how immigration reform progresses in 2014. Last year, the Senate passed a bipartisan bill, but no action was taken in the House. AILA remains hopeful that comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship will be coming soon.