The Important Role of Florida’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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It is undeniable that immigrant entrepreneurs play a major role in economic and business success throughout the country, but their impact is Florida is especially vital. By creating jobs and bringing in revenue, immigrant business owners help boost both the local and state economies.

Foreign-born business owners made up nearly 30% of Florida’s business owners in 2010. Of the 25 largest metro areas in the U.S., Miami has the highest foreign-born share of business owners at 45%, while 39% of the area’s total population consists of immigrants.

Between 2006 and 2010, there were more than 286,000 new immigrant business owners in Florida. In 2010, those businesses had a total net income of $13.3 billion, nearly 24% of the state’s total.

Florida is also home to seven of the 10 largest Latino-owned businesses in the country, many founded by immigrants and playing a huge role in boosting U.S. exports.

From prominent restaurant chains to retail franchises to Fortune 500 companies, immigrants in Florida are at the heart of many of Florida’s economic success stories.

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